Sewing thread

Sewing thread is a raw functional material that is used to keep the garment's desired shape while also securing the seams and ensuring the clothing product. It's a unique yarn that's used for sewing and embellishment. Its types range from nylon thread, polyester thread, elastic thread, and more. Fedrio has a large selection of natural and synthetic sewing threads.

For tailoring shops, industrial garment manufacturers, and fashion houses, the sewing thread is necessary. It's designed to quickly pass through a sewing machine, forming efficient stitches without breaking or distorting the fabric. It is functional when used for sewing seams. When used for embroidering or appliqueing, however, it is aesthetic. 

We have thousands of sewing thread items to choose from. These sewing threads have all been chosen with care. There are all-purpose threads, button&buttonhole threads, basting threads, and light and heavyweight threads available. Depending on your requirements, select the best option.