Twill tape

Twill tape is a flat herringbone fabric tape that is woven in a twill pattern made of nylon, cotton, and polyester, used in sewing, and tailoring garments. Cotton twill tape, polyester twill tape, elastic twill tape, and other materials are available.

Depending on the material used to make it, twill tape can often be dyed a different color. People can also paint or print patterns on the tape, as well as other information such as a catalog number or the name of a seamstress. Secondly, due to its structure, it drapes quite nicely. These make it a perfect fabric for binding seams and creating casings.

The quality of twill tape varies, with particularly low-cost tapes prone to raveling and running dyes. As a result, selecting a good manufacturer promises half of your work. We can help you find the right twill tape for your needs, whether they are general or specific. You can also find wholesale ribbons at a lower cost.