Jacquard ribbon

The jacquard ribbon is a patterned ribbon that is woven on jacquard looms and is ideal for embellishing and beautifying the home, clothing, and accessories. It has patterns that are intricate and well-defined. Single-sided and double-sided jacquard are available from Fedrio. Each of them is fashionable, attractive, and highly artistic. 

Named after Joseph Marie Jacquard, a 19th-century weaver, the jacquard is thicker and more durable. It is one of the most exquisite and easily distinguishable ribbons due to its unique woven patterns and designs. To enhance the look and add appeal, you could use them on headbands, quilts, purses, tote bags, or belts. Whether your theme is elegant, classy, crafty, or stylish, it can be used in any theme-related project.

We offer trendy and high-quality jacquard ribbons for your works, as its possibilities are endless. There are floral, festive, and themed ribbons. We're also attempting to obtain more popular patterns. Use our jacquard ribbon to add a touch of class to any project.