Packaging tape

Packaging tape, also called parcel tape, is an industrial tape used for sealing packages, cardboard boxes, or storage cartons for shipment and storage. Choosing the right packing tape helps you save money on materials while also ensuring the security of your packages. Fedrio provides printed packaging tape, plastic packaging tape, paper packaging tape, and other types of packaging tape.

Packaging tape is sturdy, and it is also known as packing tape. It is typically brown and transparent, but other colored and printed tapes are also available. Because of their strength and durability, they are the best choice for sealing and resealing. You can apply it manually by pulling it from the roll and cutting it to the desired length. Tape dispensers and tape guns are common tools for avoiding waste and ensuring a smooth stick.

Fedrio offers a diverse selection of packaging tapes, including heavy-duty tapes, recyclable packing tapes, and printed packaging tapes. In addition to clear packing tape, colored packing tape is available. Pick the right one based on your packages, brand requirements, and applications. We can also assist you in locating the best packaging tape for your company's requirements.