Wooden hangers

Wooden hangers have a stronger design that allows you to store heavy jackets, tailored suits, and robes while keeping the structure of your garments intact. These solid wooden hangers are more durable than plastic hangers and will not bend over time. Our non-slip hangers provide a nice display for your dresses, gowns, suit, coats, and shirts.

Wooden hangers, with their sturdy design, are better at keeping the shape of clothing, especially heavier items. They usually have broad shoulders to help keep the suit in shape. Shoulder pinch is avoided with a larger surface. They also emit a natural scent that repels critters like bugs and notches from your clothing. Delicate garments, such as silk dresses or wool coats, are better suited to wooden hangers in this regard. They keep your garment fresh and ready to wear whenever you need it.

Are you looking for some sturdy hangers to use in your closet? Fedrio offers a variety of options to meet your requirements. We offer luxury displaying hangers in addition to standard wooden hangers. Consider using our wooden clips hangers or trouser hangers to store your pants. Try our wooden hangers if you want a natural accented hanger with a clean shaped collar.