Interlining, or interfacing, is a non-woven fabric used for adding more construction and body to garment, Fedrio offers sewn and fusible interlining. You can use it for skirts, pants, blouses, shirts, dresses, and coats.

Interlining is used behind the fashion fabric for the collar, buttons, plackets, or crafts. It is crucial in the production of clothing. Firstly, it adds body to the garment. A firm layer improves the structure and keeps the garment's shape. Some dresses, particularly silk evening gowns, are prone to creases; in this case, a layer of stiff dress net can help the dress bounce back into shape.

Fedrio has woven interlining, knit interlining, and non-woven interlining for your choice. Materials range from PE, PP, to polyester. Choose the best one based on your needs, purposes, and the material area of application.