Main label

The main label is a kind of clothing label that contains the brand name or brand logo, and it is the best way to visually express your brand identity. When compared to care labels or size labels, main labels play a larger role in enhancing your brand. Products that lack brand labels appear amateurish and unprofessional. The label is usually sewn in under the top's inner and back collar, or at the bottom's inner and back middle seam.

Aside from the brand logo, it usually includes the garment size, factory or company name, tagline, and origin. Then, to create tagless styles, the major t-shirt labels commonly use screen printing or heat transfer methods. On the coat, woven or printed main labels are more common. Some companies also use leather main labels to emphasize their brand image. Consider using one of our ready-made main labels. Label sizes typically range from 20mm to 70mm. Here you'll find woven main labels, printed main labels, heat transfer main labels, and leather main labels. The sizes you need are determined by the projects you're working on.

We offer custom services with your brand logos for all clothing brands. Contact us if you need to customize woven labels, printed fabric labels, size labels, neck labels, heat transfer labels, etc. Any logo, size, color, material, style is available!