Handmade labels

"Handmade labels" are unique handcrafted labels or tags that are made by hand rather than machine mass production. Every piece of handmade labels undergoes an expert handcrafting process, infusing your item with texture and warmth. At Fedrio, you can find sewing leather handmade labels, handmade with love labels, handmade metal tags, woven/cotton labels handmade labels or stickers, etc.

Our handmade labels with love are ideal for knitting, sewing, crochet items, bags, clothing, etc. Each handmade label is made from high-quality materials carefully selected by hand. They are durable and have a unique texture. Sewing these handicrafted labels can make your products stand out and become the center of attention.

The handmade labels you purchase is more than just an item. They are even more of a shining decoration. They tell consumers the stories behind the products.

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