Leather buttons

Leather buttons are made from animal hides or faux leather to give items a rich leather texture, which is perfect for sewing, tailoring, and knitting. Besides genuine leather buttons, we also offer imitation leather buttons, black or brown leather buttons, and vintage leather buttons to meet your different needs. 

Our leather-covered buttons are made by wrapping a piece of leather around itself and stitching the edges together. They can be either plain or braided. Leather knot buttons are made by tying thin stripes of leather into a knot. When worn on jackets or sweaters, they exude rustic style. 

The leather button comes in a wide variety of uses from home decor, and crafts to garments. There are varying widths of buttons as well to suit differing clothing needs. They are not just for outerwear; they can also be used to finish shirts, pants, and a variety of other garments.