Fabric buttons

Fabric buttons are made by covering the fabric over acrylic or metallic bases; our selection is ideal for embellishing, sewing, knitting, or tailoring. We sell solid-color fabric buttons, printed fabric buttons, plain cloth buttons, line fabric buttons, and other types of fabric buttons. They are all extremely durable and dry cleanable.

The fabric-covered buttons may date from the 13th century in France. To cover the buttons, people usually use the same fabric as the main body of the garment. Of course, your buttons do not have to match the color of the garment at all. For example, you could select a solid color for a garment with a busy print. These buttons can be used on cushion covers, quilt covers, and other home furnishing materials in addition to clothing.

Depending on the pattern on the fabric, all of our fabric buttons come in a variety of shapes and designs. Custom colors, shapes, and styles are available for an additional fee. Its versatility and flexibility enable us to offer a diverse range of products to meet the needs of our customers. Buy Buttons Online at Fedrio.