Black Card Paper Spare Button Bags 100pcs/Pack SBB001

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The black card paper spare button bags are made of black cardboard and mainly used to place various types of spare buttons for clothing hang tags packaging.

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The spare button bags are used for storing spare buttons in case of losing one and can not find the exact same one. With a hole to hang it, you can choose any type of string to apply it. Made of black cardboard, these bags are strong and thick enough and suitable for bronzing and UV processes. Besides, they are eco-friendly and recycled. It can be used for a long time without fading. The shape is small, exquisite, and convenient for replacement and use. They can place buttons of various models.

A good hang tag can make your product more high class, and a spare button bag as an important accessory always hangs with a hangtag. It can improve your brand value and make an impression on customers.

Colour: Black
Size: 4*6cm, 5*8cm
Material: black card


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Brand Fedrio
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